EMAG 2016 will take place in Cracow (Kraków), Poland, from the 10th to the 14th of August. During the five days of the gathering, we invite you all to join us in the great adventure. As all Mensans who took part in previous EMAGs can tell you, it is always the best way to spend a week of your summer holiday. Once you try it, you will never want to go back to the life you knew before. Dedicated lectures and talks, unique workshops, outdoor activities, sightseeing and exploring the beautiful city of Cracow – it is just a glimpse of what awaits you. EMAG is a great opportunity to make new friends, relax and get inspired by all those wonderful people and their ideas.

Our Conference Center

Icebreaker, three wonderful days of lectures and workshops and Farewell Brunch — we will spend this amazing time in Holiday Inn Kraków City Center!

In the heart of the City! Only 5 minutes walk from Main Square. It is probably the best location in Kraków!

Holiday Inn Kraków City Center
Address: ul. Wielopole 4-8, 31-072 Kraków
Website: http://www.hik.krakow.pl/


Cracow, the host city of the 9th EMAG, is the second largest and one of the oldest cities of Poland. A former capital of Poland, this historical place is a home to essential Polish culture and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Europe. With our conference center located near the famous Old Town you will get a chance to experience all that both EMAG and its splendid location have to offer.

But you also have a job to do there. According to an old legend, Cracow was once hit hard by a mighty dragon, whose hunger could not be easily satisfied. It took a lot of courage, wisdom and intelligence to put an end to the foul creature's existence, but in the end this was achieved. Now, after many centuries, the dragon is back – and so is the danger. The beautiful city is in need of rescuing. So this year, the EMAG participants from all over the world will join forces in the ultimate fight. It will take a lot of creativity to solve the mystery and save the city. Your help is needed!

We will be waiting for you in Cracow, in the shadow of the dragon.

About EMAG

The European Mensa Annual Gathering is a major event in Mensan life. It was first introduced in 2008, when Mensa in Deutschland decided to hold the first continental gathering, thus starting a trend that has already become a tradition. Since then, EMAG has been organized in some of the most exciting cities in a number of European countries. It gives Mensans from all over the world a chance to travel around Europe and explore different aspects of its culture. It offers them an environment where they can socialize with one another, create intercultural discourse and attend different kinds of activities, including workshops and guided tours. So far it has taken place in Cologne (2008), Utrecht (2009), Prague (2010), Paris (2011), Stockholm (2012), Bratislava (2013), Zurich (2014) and Berlin (2015). Now, the time has come for the Polish team to invite everyone to Cracow - for the 9th EMAG in history!